November & December  2017 Minutes

Tappet Twirlers

Automobile Club of Rome, NY

P.O. Box 808,

Rome, New York13440

Next Regular Meeting January 2, 7 PM RFA Cafeteria

If school is cancelled, but weather improves the meeting will be

  as scheduled.  If it does not improve, it will be held the following week.


Club Officers: Board of Director's

President, Larry Natarelli (315) 271-5341                                 Chairman, Rick Aiello

Vice President,  Joe Frasier (315) 266-7220                            Bob Augustine, Jim Esch

Treasurer,  Steve Gorczynski (315) 335-8958                          Dennis Hesse, Art Fountain

Secretary, Michael Thompson (315) 338-0520                         Jeff Lemieux

Assistant Secretary, Mike O’Rourke (315) 339-6156

The November 7 meeting was called to order at 7:02 by the President with the Pledge of

Allegiance, 16 Members attended.

Treasurer’s Report

-   Currently have 51 Members

-   All But 4 Donation Checks have been Delivered.

-    Dues are Due Starting in January.

-   Treasurers report was accepted by the members present.


-         Officers – All Positions Unopposed, A motion by Jeff Lemieux and 2nd by Bob Augustine,

That We Dispense with the Vote as All Nominations are Unopposed, Motion passed.

  -    Board Members - Art Fountain and Jeff Lemieux Volunteered and were installed to fill

       the Vacancies. 

Christmas Party

-         The December Meeting/Christmas Party was at the Franklin Hotel December 2.

We had a Good Turn Out and a Good Time was had by All.

-         Basket Raffle was conducted, with proceeds of $252 to go to the Rescue Mission, as well as the Leftover Food.


-         Thank You Letters have been Received from Ronald McDonald House, the Country Pantry, Hospice Care, Father Angelicchio, and for the 330# of Pop Tabs

-         The trip to the Norwich Auto Museum for Nov. 19, was Cancelled due to Weather, Rescheduling Stay Tuned.

-         Cruise In Advertising will be via Facebook, Discontinue Paid Adds, Motion by Joe Frasier

 2nd by Jim Brady.  Motion Passed.

 Note - Darwin Piersall Won 1st. Place at Wampsville


A motion to adjourn By Bob Augustine, Seconded by Jeff Lemieux.  Meeting closed 7:38

50/50 was won by –  ????